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something about us - Dear Ex

yshudicare515Feb. 1st, 2009 01:51 am something about us

Dearest Lily,
i love you still, i dont know why, it wasnt even that big of a deal to you, and yet you are what i think of every waking moment, the bane of my existence you be, and i cant move forward, how i desire to walk with you again with our hands together in the city and how i desire to kiss you again, i dream of you, asleep or not, and since i know you have a taste for everything that isnt me here is my letter to you. im trying to move on, and yet it cant, i would call you right now if i could who cares if its 2am, i wanna let you know ill be there for you. well im glad this is therapeutic, if you, the girl of my dreams happened to read this, know i love you, but you know that already, you can probably tell every time i look into your eyes.

your secret exlover

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