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Throwback Thanksgiving - Dear Ex

lone_travisNov. 27th, 2013 11:15 pm Throwback Thanksgiving

I want to wish all of my Live Journal friends & family a Happy Thanksgiving. To those both living and to those no longer with us on this plain. May this be the best Thanksgiving for you and yours. Tomorrow will be another Happy Thanksgiving for me and believe me when I say that they have all been Happy Thanksgivings since that wretched pill popping bitch has been out of my life. For this and this alone I am thankful.

My Ex ruined every damned holiday possible, are you happy? Are you satisfied Bitch? My Ex was so pilled up that if you shook her she would rattle. She would cackle at my pain every God damned holiday. Thanksgivings were particularly the worst. Do you think this Bitch would actually cook a Thanksgiving meal? She couldn't even boil water properly! She couldn't cook, she was a slob who wouldn't clean. This is what I ended up with in my life, a nicotine huffing, booze hound who would call the cops on me each and every damned holiday. She was a sneaky rotten Bitch who always flipped the switch on me. This Bitch would call the cops because she blamed me for everything. I'll never forget the last Thanksgiving I had with her... it was a nightmare.

I was doing the cooking, of course, and she was drinking some cheap gin and her stinking mother was going to come over for Thanksgiving turkey. Guess who bought the turkey and all the damn trimmings? Ol' reliable that's who. Me. As always. This bitch couldn't rub two dimes together. What a disaster this woman was, and all I could remember is her cackling in my ear as I cooked Thanksgiving turkey, all damned day I was the victim to her bitching and moaning. So I got fed up, I lost it. I was so disgusted with her that I grabbed her by the hair and tried shoving her head in the over with the turkey. I remember telling her to shut the hell up, asking her "please just shut the hell up"! I pleaded with this cunt but she wouldn't cease to run her motor mouth. She kept on and on with her heartless put downs and unpleasant thought put into words spewing out her poison. I refused to take anymore of it. I stood up against her scum and filth talk. I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to the oven and opened the oven door and said, "Get the fuck in there with the bird you heartless Bitch.... burn with that bird you stinking Bitch"!

Then she got loose and ran into the bedroom and locked the door so I couldn't add her to the Thanksgiving menu. She called the cops and the flat foots were ringing the bell and banging on the stinking door as if the world was coming to an end. She ran out into the hall once I opened the door for the cops. She should have won a academy award the way she was belly aching and crying and pleading with the cops. She said I became violent. That's violent? Cry me a fucking river Honey. Then the cops questioned me, they asked how she got the black eye. I couldn't believe they were trying to make me out to be some screwball or something. I said, "How the hell do I know how she got a black eye? This bitch ran straight into the doorknob as she fled to the bedroom."

Through her crocodile tears she called me a liar and they allowed her to get a bag of clothes and leave. The next morning I woke up and that stinking turkey was still sitting in the oven.... of course I turned off the over but I let that damned turkey sit in there to rot. I had no intention of eating a turkey I was cooking for that heartless bitch and her dopey drunken good for nothing mother. Hey, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, my Ex wasn't worth much and couldn't even satisfy my everyday needs. You couldn't even hold a conversation with this pill head. She was a suck job at best and not much else. I am so thankful she's out of my life and she's probably ruining someone else's life this Thanksgiving. God help the poor bastard who is dealing with her stinking cigarette breath this Thanksgiving because I know I did my time in Hell with that bitch.

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